KH artistic installation

KH artistic installationrevolving door made of car-wash brushes

MQ art installation

MQ art installation"art before construction"

BUH membrane roof

BUH membrane roofsun shade cloth und rain protection for a castle courtyard

QUERBAR exhibition

QUERBAR exhibitionexhibition about querkraft

WW outdoor dining area

WW outdoor dining areaalu and glass

LL exhibition

LL exhibitionhay bales tables for an exhibition

TWI forecourt

TWI forecourturban forecourt

MQK bar

MQK barbull-bar

ARTE television

ARTE televisionarchitectural docu "meine stadt - ma ville"

UNP perfection?

UNP perfection?should we make everything perfect?

EXP pavillon dubai

EXP pavillon dubaiaustrian expo pavillon

querkraft's channel

querkraft's channel

DBA german bank areal

DBA german bank arealgiving people space in a new highrise-district in frankfurt