ADBC adidas brand center

ADBC adidas brand centerthe heart of the company

VIT company premises

VIT company premisesshowroom on the mainroad

RMW roman museum

RMW roman museummuseum conversion

LEE apartment building

LEE apartment buildingroof to ceiling glazing

TMW technical museum

TMW technical museumredesign of the lobby

DRA private residence

DRA private residencestunning views, small site

CGLA residential high rise

CGLA residential high risesubsidized residential building in vienna

social housing aspern

social housing aspernin cooperation with berger+parkkinen architects a residential-building with a timber-facade and a versatile, green courtyard was built in vienna-aspern.

EXP pavillon dubai

EXP pavillon dubaiaustrian expo pavillon

museum liaunig

museum liaunigthis triangular exhibition room was part of the extension from 2015