1.prize 'living at the lake'

1.prize 'living at the lake'querkrafts submission for a residential high rise in vienna-aspern receives the 1st prize
12.10. - stuttgart, ger

see details in offices > discources

museum liaunig

museum liaunigat the beginning of may the museum liaunig opens its doors again for all visitors to have a look at the current exhibition and liaunig's collections. open on wednesday - sunday, 10:00 - 18:00.

1st prize 'residence wr. neustadt'

1st prize 'residence wr. neustadt'querkraft wins the competition for a nursing home and residential building in wiener neustadt!
information for submissions:

CV and portfolio to job@querkraft.at

(only current students need apply)
CV and portfolio to internship@querkraft.at

please send digital CV and portfolio not larger than 10MB.

location 'makra'

location 'makra'the first location of the montana tech components ag according to the developed corporate architecture is in the planning process for makra

citygate tower

citygate towerthe comunity rooms integrated in the "vertical street" of the citygate tower are the heart of it.

museum for ingolstadt

museum for ingolstadtthe historical production hall gets a public "living room", the exhibition space is set below.

timber lofts

timber loftsin cooperation with berger+parkkinen architects a residential-building with a timber-facade and a versatile courtyard was built in vienna-aspern.

architecture documentary

architecture documentarythe tv-channels orf 2 and arte broadcast selected episodes of the architecture documentary series “meine stadt / ma ville” hostet by querkraft's jakob dunkl.

orf 2

20.08., 09:05 a.m. - ruhrgebiet
03.09., 10:15 a.m. - luxemburg


23.07., 12:35 p.m. - bordeaux
13.08., 12:30 p.m. - ruhrgebiet
20.08., 12:30 p.m. - köln

highrises frankfurt

highrises frankfurtfour highrises for the inner city of frankfurt - german bank area. querkrafts submission to the invited competition.

state award

state awardthe hoerbiger-campus in vienna, aspern, is nominated for the award for the best building-owner in vienna! the award presentation is on the 17th of november, we are looking forward ...

nomination state award

nomination state awardour timber-residential building in aspern, vienna (planned in cooperation with berger+parkkinen) is one of the nominated projects for the state award in architecture for sustainability!

concept exhibition

concept exhibitionconceptual design of the annual exhibition of lower-austria